• The Friends have worked with the City to establish a fund within the City’s Reforest Rochester initiative, One Hundred Trees & Shrubs Towards Another 100 Years of a Healthy Washington Grove. Through this fund the City forester purchases native trees and shrubs that are planted by the Friends to replace invasive species as they are removed. At the Friends’ request City Forestry began the removal of mature Norway Maples within the interior of the Grove. The Friends have followed up by removing smaller and regenerating Norway maples.  The removal of these trees is the beginning of natural regeneration of native trees. In addition, the Friends raise funds directly for groundcovers and plant sources that cannot be accessed through the city purchasing process.
  • In cooperation with the City, the Friends offer regular educational tours of Washington Grove, highlighting its geology, ecology, and the impact of invasive species.
  • The Friends organize and manage numerous work parties throughout the year where volunteers remove invasive plants, plant native species or spread wood chips on trails.  Plant selection is from a short list of trees, shrubs and ground covers based research on the Washington Grove biome and that of similar forest areas.  The list extends to species currently present in the Grove but that are rare or failing to regenerate, species known to have been lost to the Grove since the 1920s, or those which belong to plant communities typical of this oak-hickory community.
  • The Friends have developed relationships with several outside organizations including Monroe County Water Authority, Earthworks Inc., and the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association.
  • The Friends served on the advisory committee for a City-funded analysis and redesign of the Grove’s trails and entryways project. The resulting plan will serve as an addition to the long-term plan for Washington Grove’s restoration.

Early each year the Friends and their City partners create an annual work plan that guides Washington Grove activities for the year. Annual work plan:

Watering new plant